Home & Hotel


These are quick and easy workouts that burn fat and build lean muscle right from the comfort of your own home.

Home and hotel workouts are a great way to work out for so many reasons. No gym membership required and there is minimal equipment required. (Usually just a chair or couch) These workouts are especially convenient for the busy mother, worker or anyone time poor as you squeeze them into your day wherever. So get your favorite workout tunes on and lets do this!

TIP: Complete 3 of these at home in one week!

  • 380 Rep Body Blast
  • London Challenge
  • Morning Motivation BEG/INT
  • BEG Traveler's Dream
  • Paris Challenge
  • Guided Video: Full Body Blitz
  • Home Morning Sculpter
  • Guided Video: Trouble Spot Isolation
  • Hotel Blast
  • Hotel - 150 rep Calorie Blaster
  • Hotel: Adv Vo2 workout
  • Hotel Int: Adv Busy Woman Workout
  • Jungle Workout
  • Get Fit Home PART 2 BEG
  • Get Fit Home PART 1 BEG
  • Weekend Workout BEG