Gym Workouts


Gym workouts offer a variety of different exercises that will keep you on track in the gym and are aimed to challenge your whole body, sculpting and conditioning a strong and toned version of you.

These workouts are also great for anyone that may need a bit of inspiration in the gym. As ladies we understand it can be quite daunting walking into the weights room at the gym and not really knowing where to start.  Let us help and guide you through it!

Note: You can pick and choose from this folder and work some of them into your training week. They are here as inspiration and ideas for workouts in the gym.

  • Booty and Arm Toner
  • BOSU Express
  • BOSU Body Blaster
  • Fat Incinerating Workout
  • Get Strong Workout
  • Kettlebell Sculpting
  • Kinetic Kettlebells
  • Quick Cable Workout
  • TRX Booty Workout
  • Sculpted Arms
  • DB Workout Flat BEG - INT
  • Bench Body Blitz
  • Plate POWER
  • Kettlebell BEG:INT 1
  • Medball Express