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Paleo, Vegan, 5:2, Lowcarb/lowfat, Dairy free. What do I follow?

There is so much confusion these days about what is the “BEST” diet. We understand that individuals follow certain diets because of their personal preferences or because of intolerances. We are normal girls, with normal cravings and would find it very hard to stick to a particular diet. We eat dairy, bread, meats, wine, pasta. No we are not blessed genetically. We eat healthy foods to sustain our cravings and energy levels. Our workouts are high intensity and high energy because of the nutritious foods we eat. Our philosophy is to eat well balanced meals with protein, low GI carbs and moderate fats. Unless you have intolerances why not have all the beautiful foods the world has to offer. We are talking about real food though, not just scoffing down processed, refined sugars and packaged meals. Live life, enjoy a well balanced diet, everything in moderation and stick to a well structured fitness program. Sculpt Sisters x


Please know that these daily menus are not based on specific nutrient ratios. These are just a sample plan and not a personalised meal plan tailored to your dietary needs. If you have any intolerances or allergies to food and need a personalised meal plan you need to see a Nutritionist or dietician.


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